Description: im looking for a Beretta front headlight harness for my 88 GT, im not sure what other years will work, this car has a 3.1 in it. if it matters
Im doing diys and need some spray paint and mason jars and maybe some used wood pallets
In need of mason jars for diy project. It would be great if i could get all i can thank you
Would like to trade my mechanic services for your... Open to any and all offers of equal value...
I am making a guitar case for my husband and I need some foam for padding. Please if you have some that you will no longer need, I would love to have it. Thank you.
Hi! I have a pumpkin plant in a medium terra cotta pot that I need to move to something a little larger. If someone has a larger pot I can take off your hands, I would be so grateful! TIA
Looking for a garden hose reel or storage container for 100 ft hose. Thank you kindly!
Looking for any usable tools (saws, hand tools, woodworking tools). Planning on teaching kids proper ways to utilize tools. Thank you kindly!
A door from the front of a house or even a bedroom will do. I can paint it. Thank you.
Looking for bedroom furniture dresser and nightstands.
Hello, I am looking for a bookshelf. Size does not matter, just something capable of holding at least 20 chapter books. Thank you!
Hello, I posted about this the other day but the spelling was wrong and I tried to fix and lost internet connection. I'm seeking a old grandpa type pipe for tobacco(new or used I can sanitize) and also looking for a singing bowl,crystals. I have recently returned to el paso..I have very little and feeling spiritually unsettled. If you have any of these thing you don't use or need I'd greatly ap...
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