Hello, I am looking for a bookshelf. Size does not matter, just something capable of holding at least 20 chapter books. Thank you!
Hello, I posted about this the other day but the spelling was wrong and I tried to fix and lost internet connection. I'm seeking a old grandpa type pipe for tobacco(new or used I can sanitize) and also looking for a singing bowl,crystals. I have recently returned to el paso..I have very little and feeling spiritually unsettled. If you have any of these thing you don't use or need I'd greatly ap...
I'm 5 months pregnant and we are trying to get ready for the big day!! Money is tote and as of now have nothing in the way of baby furniture and or close... Your help is very much appreciated.. Thank you Amanda and Jesus...
Would like to trade my mechanic services for your... Open to any and all offers of equal value...
Clock doesn't have to work perfectly as long as the radio does.
I'm moving in to new place but no washer and dryer. Looking for a descent working condition. Please let me know. Email me plz.
Any furniture is appreciated. If you have them as a set that is even better. Dresser and shelves are most needed. Out door patio furniture is good too
Hi everybody! Looking for pots of any and all sizes to use for my spring potting. I can pick up from your front porch. Thank you all for reading and recycling. Have a great week!
Hello, my puppy destroyed my 2 year olds trampoline and she is devasted. If you have one to donate i would be so grateful
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